About Marit and Stine


About Marit Ystanes

Marit’s coach-purpose: ”I bring you back to your heart!”

This is her “why” – why she chose coaching as her life-long workplace. As human-beeings – we tend to live like human-doings – we do a lot, and forget to just be… especially be who we really are. We start our life being complete with respect, passion, honesty, faith and love – to others and not least; to ourselves. Then we start to transform – to be “right”, to fit in with others and with our surroundings. We transform away from who we really are – away from our authentic self, living from our heart. Marit’s life purpose is to bring you back!

She is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach – CPCC from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through International Coach Federation (ICF).

She works as a Life-Coach and has great passion for 1-1 coaching. In addition to that she works with groups in the corporate world, doing seminars and workshops.

Experiencing The Coaching Game by Points of You (POY), she was absolutely fascinated by the power and the magic in this coaching tool, and wanted to take the tool into the Norwegian market. Together with Stine Nygaard, they are distributor for Points of You in Norway.




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About Stine T. Nygaard

Stine Nygaard has extensive international managerial experience from 3 different continents. Stine has developed a fascination for the specifics and the rules of communication; on all levels of the hierarchy, between men and women as well as the interesting layer represented by dissimilar cultures and how they communicate differently. Finally how each one of us communicates with ourselves?

Her interest in dialogue triggered her to take on her coaching education with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) - seeing it as a most useful tool both manager and as fellow human as well as a great trigger for self-development. Coaching paired with her genuine interest and belief in the power of visualization, The Coaching Game and Points of You (POY) was an instant match. The potential it represents for various user-groups: coaches, businesses, psychologists, teachers as well as individuals. The possibilities are numerous and inspiring.

Stine has paired up with Coach Marit Ystanes, - together they want to make POY known in Norway.




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