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Betty Merikansky has been working as a dentist for more than 20 years,with extensive experience in different areas. She has worked as a professor of operative dentistry at the Universidad Intercontinental in Mexico city. Following her passion to serve and help people she also taught Anatomy for several years at the Colegio Israelita Yavne She specializes in prosthetic and esthetic dentistry.

Betty realized that apart from helping her patients have a beautiful smile, many patients would come to her office just to talk to her about their lives and dreams. Betty’s ability to listen, her curiosity and intuition guided her to explore the world of Coaching. She started her coaching career 4 years ago and now she is a Certified Corporate and Executive Coach by corpXcoach. She also has a diploma in Positive Psychology by the Universidad Iberoamericana, and is certified in Happiness at work.

She discovered The Coaching Game in Mexico while planning a trip to Israel where he met Yaron. She is now training with them to be a certified Points of You Trainer and is a distributor for POY in Mexico City.

Betty is extremely passionate about life, her family, her work, and coaching.
For her, this is the perfect match to complete her work and to support people achieve their goals, clean their thoughts, and anything they might be looking for...
Betty is a very resilient person, she survived cancer and other life obstacles that she has converted in opportunities, she has accompanied several people with cancer during their sickness giving them hope and friendship.

I enjoy spending time with my 2 sons Hilel and Daniel, love to read, swim and go to the beach, I always like to learn new things so I’m always reading something.

Betty Merikansky 




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