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Felicity is passionate about helping others to find their way through this journey called life!   Felicity’s own lonely journey of getting to know herself, through asking questions of her lessons and her experiences opened her up to the knowledge that what we often need most of all, is a non-judgmental someone to help us see who we are and show us we are just as incredible and talented as we think ourselves to be.

She became a coach (officially) at the age of 35 following many years of helping others unofficially. 

“Sometimes we learn what we really want by experiencing what we don’t want” she says “but knowing how to move away from what we don’t want and towards what we do want can become an anxious time”.  

Felicity believes we can and will have everything we want, once we know what that is.

“The most exciting part of the journey is often just around the corner, but having a tour guide makes the journey a whole lot more enjoyable!” 

Felicity also believes we have the answers all inside of us, but at times require some friendly motivation to do what’s best for us!  The pace of life, our societal influences and our need for acceptance often derail us, or detract us from our own needs while we are in search of what everyone else told us we should be happy with.

Felicity specialises in bringing out Our personal truths, and helping us achieve our authentic selves by generating thought, leading to the exploration of what will truly make us happy in all the many spheres of our lives. 

Felicity becomes the friend and confidant in self-acceptance. “There is no one rule for every person, and no one definition of happiness!”  

Only once we know what we want and accept who we are can we find the true path to our individual happiness and balance.   This is when Felicity becomes the friendly motivator, as she  continues to hold your hand through the stages to achieving your full potential. 

This was what Felicity discovered after being involved at a very high level in a corporate events company for many years.  

Felicity is certified by the International Life Coaching Institute and specialises in Work, Home and Life balance and works with individuals and teams who want to put the sparkle back into their life, relationship or their career as well as those who want to find a new way on their journey.   Felicity is also a relationship specialist and stress management coach. 

“I believe in you, and I know you can be whoever and whatever you want to be.   The anticipation is a lot more scary than the outcome!  All you need to do now is take the first step towards your best and happiest self”.   

“When we know and accept who we are, 

the world becomes our playground of opportunity” 


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