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Robert Paris is a management trainer and consultant who focuses on helping organizations attract, retain and increase the productivity of their human resources. He has extensive experience and success in designing and implementing:

  • Highly effective employee attraction and retention strategies and practices
  • Cutting edge leadership and management development practices.
  • Results-oriented coaching skills practices and seminars.
  • Innovation practices and cultures that result in competitive advantages
  • Industry-leading customer service, marketing and sales approaches and practices.
  • Personalized coaching and mentoring services for mid level and senior executives 

Robert has written manuals on leadership, coaching, thinking skills and marketing planning. He has a number of professional certifications in the areas of coaching, creative problem-solving, whole brain thinking, selling skills and Appreciative Inquiry.
Robert’s current area of focus is linking fun, humour, play, celebration and storytelling to workplace productivity and employee retention. He is a humorist and author who has written and published a funny book that pokes fun at the world of business – The Misfortune 500: Pundamania.


Email: rparis@robertparis.com

Websites:  www.groupesynapse.com




LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/home?trk=hb_tab_home_top


Phone: 001-514-684-0139


Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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Robert's experience from his trip to Israel on June 2012:

"My visit to Israel last week was magical and unforgettable. Yaron and Efrat were wonderful hosts and took great care to create an itinerary that gave me a superb taste of beautiful Israel. I spent several days in Tel Aviv – a bustling metropolis that never goes to sleep. It is a jewel on the Mediterranean that has magnificent beaches, trendy restaurants and cafes and a pulsating nightlife that doesn’t stop. We then visited a retreat in the Negev desert that was an experience that I’ll never forget – particularly the night-time when we gazed up to see a brilliant sky lit up with thousands of bright stars. We could only hear the sound of the desert wind and we all felt a special peace and inner calmness that enveloped all of us. We then drove to Jerusalem – a city that is very spiritual and historic – in many ways the cradle of modern civilization.  


Yaron, Efrat and I were able to have in-depth talks about Points of You and the wide breadth of application of this powerful tool.  I was able to attend part of one of Efrat’s workshops and, despite not knowing the language, I marvelled at the impact that POY was having on the participants. I also had the exciting experience of riding on the back seat of Yaron’s motorcycle – an event that  was more thrilling than the most challenging of wild rides at any amusement park! I was also able to experience different varieties of local cuisine and couldn’t believe how delicious the food was.


All in all, a remarkable week that saw Yaron and Efrat proudly show me parts of their beautiful country that have produced special memories that will last a lifetime. I’m grateful for the experience!"

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