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Luisa Marinkovic


Luisa is based in Liechtenstein  as jungian psychologist, concultant and coach for personality and potential development. Her method of working is selfreflexion with art pictures, plastic art pictures and new with Points of You, in an individual or business context.

She is passionate about personality  development and loves to help and support people in a genuine, trustworthy and sustainable way. Services for her clients are tailored to specific needs and life themes, which  enable insights about potential to become clear  transfered into  life. She beliefs that a certain balance is a need in life  to perform to the maximus of a human potential and to achieve lasting success. And  everyone does have his/her own resources to reach goals their soul need to achieve:  a wisdom help to bring  people getting faster access and in touch with their soul is selfreflexion with pictures.
Picture are the language of the soul, in an appereance, visible, conscious reveal something inner, invisible, unconscious - alchemy, fairytales, dreams, pictures, music and poetry are mirroring an archetypical dimension of individuation and pictures give access to this process. She is deeple touched by the power of Points of You,  the mostly impressive breakout „of the box“ that changed their both lifes was the experience with her disabled doughter Danilea in her therapy session with Points of You.

Luisa lives with her children, Danilea, Jaqueline and Kevin in Liechtenstein, she is multilingual and open to joint the whole world.

Marinkovic Luisa

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