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Ryan R. Decoste


“People inspire me. Life inspires me. Experiences inspire me.”

This is the mantra Ryan lives by in his work as a coach, mentor and trainer. He counts himself fortunate to have found his calling – one that provides the perfect blend of people, life and experiences – and loves that it guides others to find their calling too.

As Ryan was receiving his first award for Coaching, Training and Leadership he suddenly realized he had a natural skill, a gift – the ability to leave people more competent, confident and successful than when he first met them. Ryan also recognized that this skill could become his life’s work.

Seeing a platform of opportunity open before him, Ryan’s focus became developing himself as a coach. “I saw the impact good training had on people and organizations and the immediate affect of my efforts. I love creating hope in people that they really are able to do high caliber work.”

To back up his natural coaching affinity, Ryan earned his Adult Educator Certificate from Canadore College of Applied Arts and Technology and is in the process of obtaining Certified Training Practitioner (CTP) designation from the Canadian Society for Training and Development. Ryan is a trained CoachVille – Center for Coaching Mastery coach who is working towards his credentials for the International Coach Federation.

Ryan understands that he is a lifelong learner, always seeking new and inspirational ideas to support his passion for motivating others. He is grateful for the people in his life who motivate and inspire him. Ryan is constantly amazed how family relationships grow and stretch him. He credits his “woman of his dreams” wife and busy young son for coaching and training him to his full potential.

What drives Ryan’s satisfaction in his work? Ryan says, “By infusing coaching and training skills into my interactions with my clients, I aim to leave them at a better place than when we met.”


You can reach Ryan via email:


or phone 905.467.1747 



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