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Shirley Farrel


With extensive experience in Human Resource Management in small, medium and corporate environments, Shirley Farrell has the expertise to enhance business performance through the motivation, performance and engagement of employees.

Our structured approach to HR Management has seen the successful design, implementation and management of a wide range of HR Management initiatives and services.

Shirley’s qualifications in Business – HR Management and complimentary disciplines underpins a structured approach to HR Management that has seen clients achieve "employer of choice" status.

She has extensive experience in consulting and advising business managers at all levels of organisations on people related issues.   Here is what Shirley has to say about The Coaching Game.

”We are excited to be involved in The Coaching Game and to make it available to both the Coaching & Business Community in Australia.  Its adaptability and versatility means that it has many applications from individual and partnership insights to group work and facilitated workshops.”


For further enquiries please contact Shirley at  hr@shirleyfarrell.com.au,
or call +617 3264 5727





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