About G. Sairamesh


MBTI ® Step I & Step II - Professional Counselor,
Belbin Team Roles™ Accredited Professional,
Certified Professional Behavior Analyst – DISC Master Facilitator
Certified Behavioral Analyst – Proception2™ DISC – Master Trainer & Facilitator
Certified Professional Values Analyst – PIAV & BMA Master Facilitator
Certified Attribute Indicators Analyst – CAIA, CIC, Master Trainer, Facilitator, & Administrator
Certified TriMetrix™ Analyst & Consultant
Certified Axiometrics® Analyst - CAA
Certified Axiological Analyst & Master Facilitator
FIRO – B Counselor, LPI Administrator & Counselor,
Certified in TA101, Professional Intern TAOD,
Essential Enneagram Analyst – Administrator, Counselor, & Coach
ACC, ICF® Certified Executive Coach - Leadership & Team Coach. Professional Member ICF®, Professional Member IAC(R), & AC(R),
Certified Group Executive Coach
Certified ChangeWorks Professional - Personal & Professional Change Management Facilitator

Contact G.Sairamesh @ +919845074827 / Mala Sairamesh @ +919845596581

465/1. Motappapalya Main Road,
6th Main, H A L 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore: 560038
Phone: 25284413 / 25280446

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