About Zev Lanton

 Zev Lanton M.Ed PPCC

Personal &Professional Life Coach



*Successfully led HFS for over 20 Years to become an exemplary centre of Quality and Excellence and recognized as being one of the top 30 schools in Canada to integrate Technology in Education
* Served as a Mentor Principal & Group Facilitator for Teachers & Educational Leaders .

* PPCC accreditation in Personal &Professional Life Coaching :Concordia University

*Part of a select training cohort of Leaders Worldwide implementing and distributing
"POINTS OF YOU....THE COACHING GAME" for use in individual and group training as well as in Corporate settings

* Successfully developed coaching relationships with Educational Leaders
*Successfully worked with clients on Parenting as well as school related issues.
*Successfully worked with people facing transitions in life and in their careers while dealing with issues relating to work /life balance
*Successfully worked with "boomers" redefining themselves as they face retirement.

*Some of my Clients include:
-CEO of a major Philanthropic Foundation for Education
-CEO of an Internet Startup: Educating young people in the value of Philanthropy and making a contribution to Society
-CEO of a Retail second generation family business
-Creator of a Parenting Website with resources for Mom's
-Jewish Values Film Producer ;& Mom aiming to develop her Business while maintaining work/life balance

Integrating Technology into Education.
Personal Productivity Solutions using Technology
Consulting for Formal / Informal Jewish Education &Family Education Programs



Zev Lanton
Cell :514 944 5647

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