About Judith Sitruk

Judith Sitruk

Judith is passionate about helping people finding their own way in life.
She became a coach and a trainer at the age of 47, understanding that this was THE profession meant for her and all the persons she would help from then on.

Prior to establishing her training and coaching company, Judith held various positions in companies varying in sizes and countries: Hewlett-Packard, ESRF, Practicare, STMicroelectronics, Grenoble Graduate School of Business… in Paris, Grenoble, Brussels, L.A.

In her 6th year of practice she provides coaching and facilitates development programs for individuals, teams and groups. She loves working with students from the age of 15 who do not really know what they are to do with their lives. And one of her specialties is helping adults with Asperger’s Syndrom to integrate the companies of their choice.

Her strongest belief is that everyone does have his/her own resources to reach any goal: all they need is a tiny help to bring them to “think out of their own usual box”… In order to accompany every desired change in a soft, friendly and funny way that will be remembered with pleasure, Judith uses many “right brain tools” and keep on being stuck by their power.

Judith lives and works in France but the world is hers and she will be with you wherever you need her!

Contact: judith.sitruk@jdscoaching.com
And visit: http://judithsitruk.com
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