We are completely committed to creating the pioneering 
partners of Points Of You and laying a solid foundation for 
our coaching community worldwide.
The Leader Distributor Program combines all the 
knowledge and experience that we have gathered ― 
as life and business coaches, as entrepreneurs who are 
making their dream come true, as developers of creative 
tools for personal and business growth, and as professionals 
who have accumulated thousands of hours guiding other 
professionalsorganizations, and individuals to reap the 
benefits of The Coaching Game.

Our Leader Distributor Program will be carried out via 
Webinars and video conferencing, Skype, e-mailing, 
and face-to-face sessions wherein we visit you and you 
visit us. Our program’s objective is to form a core group 
of 100 leaders ― professionals in the field of personal and 
business development ― who have mastered working with 
our exciting tools and are rewarded by earning a great living 
simply by spreading Points of You’s tools and activities.
The comprehensive program is spread out over one year of 
coaching process personally conducted by Yaron and Efrat. 
Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn in our program:

   1. How to work with our tools one-on-one
   2. How to work with our tools in groups
   3. How to adapt our tools to various process goals
   4. Various methods of using our tools
   5. How to create and develop your own methods using our 
   6. Introducing the intuitive dimension into your work 
   7. Marketing our tools to organizations, other professionals, 
       and individuals
   8. How to market your own workshops and seminars

Although the process is carried out online, it is genuinely 
experimental, innovative and unique (if you’ve already acquired 
The Coaching Game, you know what we mean!). 
The program’s advantages:

    • 60 hours of professional certification process
    • 48 hours of supervision and mentoring 
    • 12 hours of formulating your marketing plan 
     • Large profits on sales of The Coaching Game

    • Your personal page on our site + search engine optimization 
       (SEO) in Google organic searches
    • Logistics support, including shipping the games for you 
      anywhere in the world at our expense
    • Hit-the-Road Toolkit – all the professional materials 
      you need
    • Free backstage passes to our workshops and 
    • Translation rights into languages other than English

The Leader Distributor Program is free of charge, which is why we 
have capped participation at 100 quality partnership leaders whom 
we carefully select as per our own criteria. If you meet our criteria, 
the only thing you have to do is process a minimum order of games 
at a special distributors’ price.

Applying to our Leader Distributor Program
Program prerequisites:
  1. You buy a Coaching Game from us and explore its possibilities.
  2. You love the game and acknowledge its potential.
  3. You have a professional qualification in the field of personal 
      and / or business development.
  4. You have three years of experience in the field (exceptions 
     subject our approval).
  5. You’re an entrepreneur at heart.
  6. You’ve created your own successful business.
  7. You have a burning desire to make a difference in the world.

If you meet the above prerequisites, are excited about this business 
opportunity, and are willing to collaborate with us, now is the time to 
make your move. Please send us an email to learn more. 


*2015 This program has been combined with the Trainer Certification

Program, email us to learn more.*


Feel free to contact us regarding any matter, question,
idea, or dream…



skype: TaLm617


One last reminder:
"Opportunity dances with those 
who are already on the dance floor."

         ―Jackson Browne

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