About Liora Rosen


About Liora Rosen, MS, MA


“We live our lives within a very narrow scope of possibilities, not because life is limited, but because our perceptions are”

- Liora

Leadership in the 21st century requires new skills, fresh ways of thinking and innovative processes.

While it still requires the ability to navigate through change and provide a vision, among many other things; it is also about having the ability to promote growth in a productive and valuable way while still achieving measurable results.


I partner with my clients in a commitment to a common goal, accelerating their journey of professional growth. Be it as a resource to develop executives, high potentials or facilitate the transition of a new team leader... or as a remedial resource to address derailing behavior, I come in as a thought-partner, a sound board, and a learning broker to work with clients who want to make a change.


My background as an educator as well as a humanistic clinical psychologist provide me with unique skills to create a successful coaching partnership. To learn more please visit my website, linkedin profile, or email me.


email: Liora@proactivecoachingsolutions.com 

website: www.proactivecoachingsolutions.com 


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