About Bernie Siegel


About Bernie Siegel, PCC


Bernie is an Executive Development/Career Management Coach and Strategist. He has been an observer and architect of winning behavior and business practices for over 25 years. He shares his secrets of success with his client’s enabling them to achieve their personally relevant results.


In addition to his own clients, he is proud to be working as an executive coach with The Ken Blanchard Companies, recognized as one of the top training/executive coaching organizations in the world.


Bernie served two years as President of the NYC Chapter of the International Coach Federation, the largest urban chapter in the world. He is currently serving as Past President and Board member. He co-hosts the popular radio show Coach Chat with Laurie.

Bernie works with executives and professionals who, while expert at the technical aspects of their jobs, are in need of more effective organizational and leadership skills. He then coaches them to support the learning. He is a much sort after expert in career transition and has appeared on TV, radio and in the press. Points of You is one of his favorite tools.


email:  bernie@berniesuccesscoach.com

website:  www.berniesuccesscoach.com

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