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July 2014 Planner Topic of the Month: Gentleness

March '14 Newsletter Links

Jason Sugar Article + Full Workshop on Points of View

Stability in the Inspirational Planner 


Laurie Lawson's Activity: My Personal Brochure (click!)


Executive Coaching: 3 Part Series by John Kenworthy

  •  Part 1: July 2013

 The (Executive) Coaching Game


  • Part 2: August 2013

 Executive Coaching Article + 2 Print outs: PDF Activity + PDF TEMPLATE


  • Part 3: October 2013

Coaching Groups + Tips on how to use The Coaching Game


DECEMBER newsletter: 2014 Layout Chart

The Coaching Game Wins 2013 Product Award!

Here are more workshop models developed by our community: 

I am worth it! Moving Beyond Fear

Developed by Sheri Olmstead

 Rev Up Your Curiosity Factor 

Developed by Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener

My Next step to success 

Developed by Coach Leah



Developed by Michael Cardus




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