About Ozlem Balkan

“The dynamo of life works with the energy of curiosity which leads to learning which leads to energy of change that recycles into the dynamo”

This quote comes after 20 years of corporate experience when she founded her company.  She  built her early career in audit and corporate banking on which she had been trained and coached with several international and local trainings.
She turned her attention to “human side of enterprise” which lead her to exercise the role of  a senior organisational development executive. Her  technical expertise in  recruitment, employee relations, training-talent management and compensation  enabled her to work  extensively in all “HR” functions building them from scratch both in a local and multinational bank environment. This journey is  the main source of  her understanding of opportunities and challenges currently  faced by enterprises and people. With this motivation she has deepened her experience in Coaching and Mentoring in Management.
BKARE Consultancy is founded  in 2009 to lead consultancy projects and delivery of technical trainings, plus facilitation of workshops aiming higher awareness. In addition to her responsibilities in the company Özlem supports Management Center Turkey projects as  a consultant.
Encountering Coaching Game on the way of discovery in 2011 she now focuses to bring corporations and people together to get most out of this tool for themselves.
She holds a Bachelor degree in International Relations from Boğaziçi University, speaks English fluently and graduated from İstanbul Erkek Lisesi where the instruction is held in German. She writes articles on personal development.
Married and proud mother of 2 sons.
She completed  Applied Life Coaching Program delivered by Foundation South Africa and certified on Executive Coaching by her thesis rated as distinct (2005) She enhanced her coaching training with Gestalt Groupworks: Learning To Facilitate Groups” delivered by Institute of Cleveland in 2008. She is a member of  ICF –International Coaching Federation. In addition she is equipped as a certified Ethics Officer by Ethics Resource Center-USA to support organizations on this realm. She  served for Earthwatch Climate Research Center (UK) to become climate champion delivering seminars in schools on climate change.
The Coaching Game is available in Turkey!

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