About Limor Tamir


 About Limor Tamir 



Limor Tamir is an ICF-certified Personal Life Coach who received her training in Israel. Her specialty is Health and Wellness Coaching. Already a successful businesswoman, she is the United States representative of Points of You, The Coaching Game. She conducts workshops in both Israel and the United States bringing this revolutionary coaching game to coaching communities and other interested groups and individuals. 


email: goodday1500@gmail.com

website: http://www.pointsofyounyc.com


Listen to Coach Chat - ICF-NYC radio show hosting Limor and talking about Points of You and The Coaching Game:



Conferences Limor attended:

1.      November 2008 - ICF conference Montreal

2.    February 26th - ICF – NYC workshop

3.May 2009 - CAM – conversation among masters in
 Branson Missouri

4.June 2009 - IPPA - international positive psychology association.
 World conference in  Philadelphia

5.    October 2009 - New York Expo

6.    November 2009 - AATA  American Art therapy Association
 Dallas Texas

7. December 2009 - ICF Conference  Orlando Florida


Recent conferences and workshops:

1.    March 19th-21th - ACA  American Counseling Association,

2.     March 24th - a workshop for professionals , Baruch college NYC

3.     May  19th - a presentation  of “Points Of You” ICF,
NYC (40 coaches) 





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