About Elaine Taylor-Klaus

 About Elaine Taylor-Klaus 


Elaine wants all people to feel entitled to live at choice and on purpose. Compelled by a passion for justice and empowerment, Elaine has been coaching in one form or another most of her life. Striving to live in integrity with her values, Elaine has a reputation for rigorous honesty, seeking the "truth" in people, and guiding them to their own truth with the utmost respect and acceptance. Living in harmony with one of her major tenets, “See a need, Fill a need,” the establishment of her company, Touchstone Coaching: Focus/Clarity/Action is the natural outcome of her lifetime of advocacy, support, teaching, parenting, consulting and learning. As a coach, whether with individuals, partners, teams or organizations, Elaine’s clients learn to use the lens of their values to find clarity about what they really want, and allow that to inform all aspects of their decision-making.  As a group Leader, Elaine brings out both the playfulness and the depth of her participants, facilitating learning, growth and change.


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Contact Elaine at: Elaine@TouchstoneCoaching.com or (404)231-0390 or www.touchstonecoaching.com 



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