Welcome to the Points of You Reseller Program

Do you find yourself using The Coaching Game in your one-on-one or group sessions and passing on the Points of You feeling?
Do you get people excited with your passion and love for Points of You and The Coaching Game and does it happen to you that they ask you after a session or workshop: Where can I get this tool? I want to have it too?
Do you want to earn extra money by doing just what you are already doing?
If so, then we invite you to join our Reseller Program.


What is in it for you?

  1. Buy The Coaching Game at a special reseller price and earn an extra income.
  2. Get support from us on workshop ideas, developing new tools and ways to market your own practice and events.
  3. Be part of a professional community worldwide that shares, creates and exchanges new ideas and methods for their practices.


To find out more about the Reseller Program,
please contact Talia at feel@points-of-you.us

or skype: pointsofyou.

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