When you purchase The Coaching Game, it's just the beginning of our relationship. We never stop developing more and more applications and tools that make the game infinite.
Bellow you can find articles that will give you a better understanding of Points of You and The Coaching Game.
You can also read more instructions about different ways to use The Coaching Game, Download free printable process maps, check out "What's Your Title" project, and many more updating resources.


How do we look at a picture?


Group Puzzle Dynamics


Power of the Word: How to Look at a Coaching Card


Coaching Cards: Face up, or Face down?


Both sides of the Brain


Pause process


The Coaching Game as a Closure tool

The Coaching Game as an icebreaker


The Coaching Game in Group Activities


The Coaching Cards - General instructions

The Coaching Tickets - General instruction

The 65 Topics of The Coaching Game

A Little about the Series



More Resources:

New downloadable process charts

Instructions and examples

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