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Leigh has a passion for improving human performance and
has dedicated the past 16 years to helping others identify their
strengths and pursue their goals. With People Development,
Learning, and Career Counseling roles spanning national,
multinational, and global organizations such as Accenture,
The Ken Blanchard Companies, and the Rotman School of
Management, at the University of Toronto, Leigh has had the
privilege to work with some of the world's best and brightest
talent. It is this experience, her love of people, and insatiable
curiosity that she brings to each coaching session ensuring that
each discussion is as fruitful as the last. Her tagline reads:
Name it. Create it. Live it. 
and if she had one question for you it would be:
What's your "it"?

Contact Leigh to learn more about a coaching taster at:
leigh@coachleigh.com or (705) 457-3403 or www.coachleigh.com



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