The Coaching Game is a powerful, experiential tool for working
with both groups and one on one. It’s easily integratable
into any process and adaptable to any coaching style or
approach. It’s appropriate for use by personal and life coaches,
therapists, group facilitators, business and organizational
consultants, teachers, counselors, instructors, social workers
and anyone else who are interested in expanding their toolkits
and introducing a creative, intuitive dimension into their work.

 The Coaching Game is both an icebreaker and a breakthrough-
maker that generates open, intimate communication, in addition
to being a tool for deep processes that uncover hidden layers
and bypass logic.

The Coaching Game activates both sides of the brain;
working with the game stimulates the full range of thoughts,
sensations, and emotions that enable the client to observe
his or her point of view, expand it, and see issues being
worked on from new angles and vantage points.

In addition, The Coaching Game enables the professional to
“telescope” processes and touch essential points precisely
yet gently, allowing deeper and more subtle work to happen
more directly.

The Coaching Game is inviting and welcoming, and transmits
this in its extraordinary design and presentation. It invariably
elicits an enthusiastic response, interest, and cooperation in
those who play it. This reduces confrontational behavior and
catalyzes client's readiness to dig in and share.
The target audiences with which The Coaching Game can be
used ranges from young children to army generals, and
everyone in between!

The Coaching Game has become an international standard in
the coaching world, and is used by professionals in nearly all
of the larger coaching training institutes, as well as accredited
institutions of higher learning. In addition, many of our
workshops and activities Have been recognized by the
International Coach Federation.



The Coaching Game contains:
65 Coaching Cards, on each of which appears a topic
depicted by a visual point of view
A 165-page, full-color Coaching Book, each two-page spread
of which is dedicated to a topic treated from a 360 “surround-
look” depicted by a story (folk tale, or true story); several
relevant quotes (deliberately contradictory, so as to stimulate
discussion and broaden viewpoints); queries (both philosophical
and concrete coaching queries that aid our understanding of
how a particular issue relates to the client’s everyday life);
and associative thoughts on the topic.
• A fabric Quadrant Layout Chart emblazoned with four coaching
processes, enabling exploration of a specific issue that the client
is dealing with (By the way, every month we send out
new downloadable Process Charts for members of our
Newsletter Club… it’s also easy to invent your own.)
• A Coaching Ticket Notepad on which you can write down the
client’s insights gained from the process, as well as his or her
Action Plan. Each coaching ticket is an anchor enabling learning,
action and insight to deepen between sessions

The Coaching Game is a priceless tool for anyone who guides or
leads others through a personal or professional development
process. Above all, it’s a very special gift to yourself.

We’re here to help you through the journey of discovery of
The Coaching Game and the possibilities that it opens up;
you’re welcome to turn to us for assistance.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back


For instructions and examples on how to use with a client:
with yourself, one on one, and in a group

For more information on using The Coaching Game as a tool:
forindividuals, fororganizations

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