The 65 cards are divided into five series.
Understanding the significance of the five series sheds new light on the topics / issues and
processes and allows us to delve deep into and illuminate the topic / issue we have chosen,
to create an awareness with respect to it.
During every card-opening process, pay attention to the series to which each card belongs.
The significance of the card-opening process can change if a certain series appears in more
than one card.

The "Journey" series represents the central issues in the journey through life that we all make.
The cards in this series have a special meaning and signify that a large and powerful process is
taking place in our lives at this time. A card from this series allows us to delve deeply into the
story of our lives.

The "Doing" series represents the sphere of action and reaction – the practical aspect of our lives.
Cards from this series present us with topics / issues related to the "doing" in our lives and the
results of our actions, allowing us to take an in-depth look at our practical sides and the
repercussions of our deeds and actions.

The "Being" series represents the emotional and flowing side of our lives.
The card from this series allows us to look at and examine the gap between what we feel inside
and the way in which we express it to the world.

The "Difficulty" series represents the challenging aspect of our lives.
The cards in this series represent the difficulties and challenges we face along our journey,
and allow us to closely examine the approaches and thoughts that guide us in our lives today,
as well as how we cope with them.

The "Opportunities" series is just that – an opportunity.
The cards in this series represent the possibilities we have of enriching our daily lives;
they allow us to examine our level of openness and readiness with regard to the things
that are happening in and around us.

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