When playing with two or more players, remind yourselves that each of you might offer the
others a differing point of view. Listen, probe, ask. Give the other players space; try to truly
understand them. When participating, do so fully. Take chances, and give yourself permission
to simply be. Your cooperation will create intimacy, transforming the encounter into a deep
and authentic one.

Below is an example taken from the infinite possibilities that lie in playing in a group:

1.   Choose a common issue around which the group would like to play.
Example: the birthday of one of the players.

2.   Spread the cards out on the playing surface face up.
For more options on how to choose Coaching Cards, click here

3.   During the next five minutes, each player chooses a card that reminds him or her
of an incident related to the player whose birthday is being explored, or, a card whose
contents inspire a birthday wish that s/he would like to send to that player (referring to
the photo, the topic on the card or both).

4.   When all have chosen, each player in turn explains to the group his or her choice of a card
and relays his or her message to the “birthday player”.

Optional: Open the Coaching Book to the page number indicated on the right-hand side of
each card chosen, and read what’s written there. The text therein offers you another
points of view related to the corresponding card, and will bring into focus the connection
between the cards chosen and the issue the group has chosen to explore.

      5.   Finally, the recipient of the birthday greetings shares the card s/he chose,
            and wishes him- or herself something for the year ahead.

As soon as you experience using The Coaching Game, it’s easy to invent more games and processes.
You’re invited to contact us for ideas and suggestions.


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