Below is an example taken from the infinite possibilities that lie in playing The Coaching Game alone:

1. Pick an issue in your life that occupies your thoughts, for better or for worse, and that you want to examine
    in depth. For instance, a dilemma or a confrontation with your spouse, your career, family, friends,
    sexuality, or self-fulfillment.

2. Write down your topic in the designated field on your Coaching Ticket.
    To learn more about the Coaching Tickets, click here.

3. Unfold your Process Chart and select the process most relevant to your chosen issue.

4. Shuffle the Coaching Card deck patiently. While shuffling, work on identifying what bothers you most about
    the issue you’ve chosen. Spread out the Coaching Cards face down and intuitively select a few cards according
    to the chosen process, placing them face down on your Process Chart. For more options on how to choose

Coaching Cards, click here.

5. Turn the cards you chose face up. Study each carefully, focusing on your thoughts, feelings, associations, 
    and objections, and try to understand the connection between the card, your life, and your chosen issue.

6. Now observe the place that the card occupies in your Process Chart, and ask yourself: What questions does
    it raise? What answers rise to the surface? What do I or don't I understand? Does it force me to confront it?
    Does it make me feel better? Try holding an internal dialogue (or discuss your queries with a partner).
7. Open 

the Coaching Book to the page corresponding to each card you chose (the page number is on the
    right-hand side of each card). For each topic, you’ll find an additional photo, a story, some quotes, thoughts,
    and queries. The text may be read through beginning to end, or you may choose to read a single sentence,
    or perhaps stop to reflect upon a story, quote, query, or sentence for an unlimited time. All options are open!

8. At the end of the process, write down on your Coaching Ticket your insights and Action Plan.
    The goal here is to translate your insights and wishes into reality.
    To learn more about Coaching Tickets, click here.

As soon as you experience using The Coaching Game, it’s easy to invent even more games and processes.
You’re invited to contact us for ideas and suggestions.

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