Its goal is to let our life insights and wishes become something
real. This is a chance to make a real change and breakthrough
in our lives. Writing is a tool well worth trying to experience;
it makes all those passing thoughts turn into something tangible:
• Define the topic you have selected from your daily life clearly
   and accurately. Write it in the appropriate field. Mark down
   the kind of process and the date as well. Fold the coaching
   ticket in two and place it on the process chart in its
   designated spot .
• After opening the process cards, mark on the coaching ticket 
   the cards which have come up when opening them.
• On the reverse side of the coaching ticket, in the space
   designated for insights, mark the most significant thing in
   the process – a sudden realization, a quote from the book,
   a question raised, a passing thought.
• And now, if you wish to make a real change and are willing to
   act rather than just look on, make a special commitment to
   take action. On the ticket, mark the actions you choose to
   take concerning the selected topic. Don't make any concessions
   to yourself! Do everything you can to achieve your goal.

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