General instructions for working with the Coaching cards:


1. When you choose a card, look at both the word and the photo. Since every card has a visual component
    and a textual component, you can dwell on the nature of the participant's connection to the card.
    The participant can choose to relate only to the word on the card, relate only the photo, or a combination
    of both. Most of us tend to relate only to the word, although it only takes up a small portion of
    the card. Therefore, we recommend asking participants to cover up the word with their finger
    and look only at the photo. The next stage is for participants to individually search for the connection
    between the photo and the word.

2. If you chose a card that pressures you, makes you feel uncomfortable, a card that you misunderstood
    or that you just don't want to deal with, you can return the card and choose a new card at any moment.
    Nonetheless, we believe that we choose cards for a reason. Our advice is that even if you feel threatened
    by the card, try to deal with it and see what it came to tell you.


3. If the participant is not sure about the meaning, relevance or connection of a card to her own life,
    you may suggest that s/he chose another card from the deck, a clarification card, intended to interpret and
    explain the first card.

4. We recommend reading the relevant information on the chosen card from the accompanying book, which
    raises additional perspectives on the card's topic.


Power of the Word: How to Look at a Coaching Card

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