The Coaching cards in the Points of You toolkit are a vital part of what
makes The Coaching Game a sharing game. Rather than being a
win-or-lose game, The Coaching Game allows all of us to participate
by working together.

This sharing game is part of the associative cards genre. Associative
playing cards give participants absolute freedom to shape the game
as they see fit, thereby encouraging them to develop an independent
and creative approach to their lives.

A topic is presented on each card using a word and a concrete,
real-life photo. The combination between the two
isn't necessarily obvious, and at times even creates deliberate
dissonance. Each photo was carefully selected with the sole agenda
of presenting the topic using a visual that isn't normally associated
with the topic, in order to optimally activate our spectrum of thoughts
and feelings.

The word represents the logical-analytical thinking that was and is still
considered a traditionally male mode of thinking, with the left brain
being in charge. The photo represents the emotion, creativity, and
intuition of our "female" side, led by the right side of the brain.
The polar combination between qualities that are considered female
and qualities that are considered male, when joined create a
harmonious whole.

The photographs directly appeal to our intuitions and feelings, and
occasionally even bypass rational thinking, which screens out those
things we'd rather keep at a distance. This quality, considered
characteristic of images, enables them to evoke reactions that we
find hard to express with words – thereby giving them a magical
quality. Just like works of art that affect the observer merely by
viewing them or dreams we recall in the morning yet find hard to
describe in words, we connect with images on an unconscious,
emotional level.

Therefore, the associations evoked as a result of images are mainly
connected to feelings. Words, on the other hand, mainly appeal to the
intellect: They are often connected to how we look at things affecting
our conscience, our day-to-day lives, and our relations with others,
meaning our rational, analytical thinking.

Even associations evoked by a few words originate from the same
"tiny box" where we store words and their meanings. Combining a
photo with a word appeals both to the left and the right hemispheres
of the brain. This simultaneous stimulation creates an extraordinary
phenomenon: Our rational and our intuitive responses work in
tandem, merging and creating new associations.

For further reading, we made this short presentation:

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