Every month, we'll send you new ideas and developments for
working with our coaching game.
We are confident that once you try them, you'll find that:

1. The game almost always creates communication and
    intimacy of rare quality. Whether playing on your own or
    with others, playing for fun or trying to reach a

2. How easy it is for you to come up with new, creative ideas
    for activities and meetings, both social and professional,
    and turning them into significant, memorable gatherings.

You can save the new ideas and developments as a
computer file and print them when necessary.


Try it, enjoy it and… pay it forward.



Download files:


1. To a wonderful 2014  *NEW*


2. One Step Forward - Developed by Smadar Gafni

3. My Toolbox


4. Why do we postpone all the time? - Developed by Dvoar Yuval

5. Success and Failure - Developed by Eli Sharpshtein

6. New Year

7. Ideal and Reality

8. How Do I Express Myself?


9. Date With Myself


10. Coping with stress and pressure at work, Developed by Roni Reshef 


11 .Am I Visible?


12. Going All The Way






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