The Coaching Game has proved a tremendous success
since its launch in April 2007:

  • Thousands of professionals ― including but not limited to
     coaches, psychologists, and organizational consultants ―
     have adopted it as a major tool to use with their clients.
  • Dozens of prominent organizations in Israel, as well as
     some worldwide, use it daily as a management tool in
     their work routine (our customers)
  • Thousands of non-professionals who have acquired the
     game for their own enjoyment and / or as a gift do not
     cease to be eager to play it, and enthusiastically
     recommend it to their friends.

We’re always on the lookout for channels of global distribution,
and hope you’ll be interested in becoming a partner by
disseminating The Coaching Game in your country and sharing
our vision and our success.

We have a rewarding program for our first 100 Leader Distributors,
who will be trained, certified, and mentored in person by
Efrat and Yaron throughout a year's coaching process.
Our Leader Distributors will then be licensed to train other
professionals, organizations, and individuals to work
with The Coaching Game and with the additional exciting tools
that we are developing.

We know that The Coaching Game is becoming a global
success story; now you are invited to take part in our venture.
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