A 90-minute Telephone Coaching Session + The Coaching Game
A 90-minute Telephone Coaching Session + The Coaching Game
Price: $379 Special Price: $299

Special offer for those purchasing The Coaching Game:
A 90-minute telephone coaching session whose
objective is to transmit to the participant a powerful
and focused coaching process leading to breakthroughs.

The one-on-one session enables:

1. Taking a significant topic that you are dealing with
2. Examining it from various angles and points of view
3. Creating clarity surrounding it
4. Consolidating insights
5. Formulating on an Action Plan

At the end of the coaching process, you emerge with a
defined Action Plan based on new insights that surfaced
during the phone session. In addition, coming out of the
session, you will have learned how to use and work
with The Coaching Game as a personal, portable life
coach that can be pulled out and used anywhere,
at any appropriate moment.

Get set for a life-changing 90 minutes!

Your phone session will be scheduled for 10 days from
the day you order your Coaching Game, so that you
can actually use and experience the game during your
session. A Points of You representative will contact you
24 hours after receipt of your order to make an
appointment for your phone session.

A complete English version of The Coaching
Game is included in your registration fee
For a limited time:
Buy now and shipping and handling are free!

More about The Coaching Game:

◙ A unique gift for yourself and / or someone
   you love.
◙ Fun and easy to use.
◙ Specifically designed for individuals, yet makes
   a great tool for executives, coaches, team leaders,
   therapists, business consultants…
◙ As a coaching tool, it’s ideal for self-coaching,
   one-on-one, and group coaching.

The Coaching Game includes:
◙ A unique deck of 65 Coaching Cards
◙ A 165-page, full-color Coaching Book
◙ A Four-Quadrant Process Layout Chart
◙ A Coaching Ticket Notepad

Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

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Professional Telecourse + The Coaching Game


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