I really felt the true essence of coaching. To bring the best out in people and helping them reach their highest potential in life.
Lydia Gucc Hall
Hello Yaron!

It's really great to hear from you. I will definitely get back with Aline about The Coaching Game. I must say that you have absolutely created a gem. I am so very pleased to have this game. Your gift must be divine, because this game is uterly amazing. I played it with my husband as a refresher to learn how to play the game and to ilicit feedback from him. I will honestly tell you that my husband was touched. He began saying things and providing feedback that I had never heard him say before. It made me think that maybe I did not know how to ask the right questions at the time and that is why I never knew. It was in him all along, but the passion and the compassion that came out of him in the short amount of time that we had to play the game was awe inspiring to say the least. He began speaking on his passion as an educator to reach and teach the forgetten kids of the inner city where he teaches. There are way too many people in these kid's lives that do not care, but he is one of the few that will positively touch these kids. Said to say, but many of the children have drug addicted parents and parents that work the streets. It was amazing Yaron. I really felt the true essence of coaching. To bring the best out in people and helping them reach their highest potential in life. What an amazing thing. I purposely chose the "love" card to see what my husband might say, and I was touched by everything he said.

My husband and I decided that we are going to make a date every Saturday to play the game. This will be so fun as I start my coaching business up.
Testimonials by Teachers after a PoY workshop (led by Elaine Taylor-Klaus)
"The reminder to look at situations from different perspectives, coupled with the opportunity to practice doing just that, was a terrific way to start off a new year. I was impressed at how quickly the pictures helped us access our emotions. Many thanks for a great meeting."

"I enjoyed it. I think it was good timing for us as a faculty to have that kind of workshop -- first week back, reconnecting, new year's resolutions, thoughts about what we want to do next year at school were due. Terrific photo and word prompts. I would have liked to write about my picture and word before discussing, almost like a journal exercise, but that would have required more time. Thanks for organizing. Elaine was a great facilitator."

"I was skeptical that we (or I anyway) could calm down and focus enough at that time of day, but it turned out to be a nice discussion and could certainly have gone longer. I don't know if it was the cards necessarily or just that it felt nice to sit and talk. Nice job of facilitating by Elaine, though. I would find it pretty intimidating to get our crowd to sit down and be thougtful and serious at 3:30 on a Wednesday."
פתח PDF
A brilliantly conceived and designed game
Laurie Lawson, CEC, PCC
Vice President, ICF-NYC
Points of You is a brilliantly conceived and designed game,
specifically created to make users develop different perspectives
and think in inspirational manners. Perfect for coaches, and its uses are infinite – a daily self-guidance tool, a workshop in a cloth package (did I mention that it is environmentally friendly?), solutions for problems and concerns, a layout chart for special readings, and fodder for coaching sessions with clients for as long as you can possibly imagine.
It really is quite revolutionary and lots of fun as a bonus.

Laurie Lawson
This is the most beautiful, well thought out, comprehensive coaching process and material I have ever seen.
Lori Burgi
Certified Integrative Coach
This is the second game I have purchased. I am a certified Integrative Coach through Debbie Ford’s “The Ford Institute” which is a nationally recognized program of personal transformational coaching. I also use the coaching in professional development with educators in a program I have taught for many years. (www.wellnessadvocacygroup.com) . A friend of mine from Barcelona who is a corporate coach in leadership and communication did the game with me and then I bought one. I recently did the game with my brother (also a coach in the building industry) and gave it to him and then ordered another for myself. This is the most beautiful, well thought out, comprehensive coaching process and material I have ever seen. I am very impressed with how meticulously it was put together, and because I am such a visual person it completely captivates me! It is also very easy to use and you don’t really need to be a coach to do it for yourself or others!
Garry Schleifer
Choice - the magazine of professional coaching
We had a great dinner with 8 people attending.
After the meal I introduced the game for both playing and feedback. At first people were hesitant to write down the issue as they did not all know each other.
Then some of us put the issue out there and the game began.
It was great. I used it to solve an issue form myself and those that participated loved it. Even the observers loved it as well.
Comments were “thought provoking” “challenging” “stimulating”.
Loved the cards and the explanation of the cards as well
All in all a very fun, thought provoking useful tool.
I can’t wait to use it one-on-one with a client.
Extraordinary work tool
Sarah Arbel
MCC Coach
Efrat and Yaron
I wish to congratulate you on the product you have created.
The coaching game you have launched serves as an
extraordinary work tool, both for the customer as the end-user, and for the coach as a support tool that inspires creativity
and adds to the coaching process.
Well done for the hard work and creative thought that went
into this high-quality product that goes by the name of
"Points Of You - The coaching game."
Wishing you lots of luck and success.

Sarah Arbel
I was Taken with its Charm
Tova Or Lev
Yaron and Efrat,
I came across your amazing kit quite by chance (or perhaps not), and I was, of course, immediately taken with its charm. Needless to say, I bought it without hesitation; and the surprise and experience only intensified from the moment I opened it.
What can I say – a rare combination of content, in-depth thought, professionalism, good taste and aesthetics, inward focus and outward reflection.
I enjoyed the way in which the messages are conveyed and the manner in which the different perspectives and options are left open to the reader/user, the selection of the unique, creative and extraordinarily high-quality photographs, the mutual admiration and the admiration for those who helped – with everything done with a sense of modesty and humility.
I believe I will make extensive use of the kit both on a personal level, and in the guidance/bridging/coaching work that I do. Naturally, as is my custom, I will spread the word and recommend the kit to friends, colleagues and my listeners and patients.
May you go from strength to strength and reach ever higher.

Tova Or Lev
I fell in love with this kit
Hi, dear friends
I cannot keep the beauty of the product you have created to myself without saying thanks, and without celebrating with you and wishing you well.
I am a therapist and work with card kits, and I fell in love with this kit instantly.
The photographs are artistic, the book is filled with all good – and it all comes with your own personal touch.
The cloth board is moving and reminiscent of…
I have already played the game on my own, and also with my daughter-in-law and son – and it was incredible.
I look forward to being in touch with you,

Simply an experience
Ravit Meitav
Social worker
Hi Efrat and Yaron,
It's been a long, long time since I have been this moved and excited by a game that has been so well thought out and put together, from all possible angles. The game is simply an experience for all the senses, inviting one to delve deeper and think to the exact degree that suits the moment.
It is so simple and ingenious that it makes one wonder why it wasn't conceived a long time ago.
May you go from strength to strength.
Eagerly awaiting the follow-up,

Ravit Meitav
A combination of a spiritual practical and coaching tool
Lilach Solomon
Life Coach
Good morning Efrat and Yaron,
I just had to get up this morning and write you a few words.
I have participated in numerous seminars involving the use of cards (both in the framework of coaching, and in the framework of the organizational consulting work and various other activities in which I was involved in my previous job); but this time, despite the fact I was very ill, there was something different and special about the product you presented and who you are – and what you brought of yourselves with the product.
There is something very exciting and appealing about the product itself, from the moment one encounters it – the clean and classic look that I liked very much, and also the pleasant and soft feel to it.
In addition, the combination of a "more spiritual" tool with very "practical and coaching-related" aids brings something different and unique; and without doubt, insofar at least as yesterday showed, this stems from the special combination of the two of you.
Keep it up and good luck; you have certainly inspired me.


Lilach Solomon
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