It is our sincere belief that a world can be shaped wherein
we all actualize ourselves and live in harmony with one
another and with our environment. Our vision:

Together, we’re creating opportunities to take a step

As part of our vision, the Points of You Coaching Game is
manufactured beginning to end from recycled materials that
are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

It’s important to us to empower the weaker strata of society,
and to that end, most of the manufacturing and assembly is
carried out in rehabilitation centers for prisoners and parolees,
as well as sheltered workshops for special-needs adults.
The encounter between these groups and The Coaching Game
and its contents in and of itself generates many emotion-filled
“aha!” moments, as well as soul-searching talks and sharing,
which more than once have left us both teary-eyed and grinning
from ear to ear.

POINTS OF YOU is the outcome of work, patience, and lots of
faith on the part of two people who decided to realize their dream.
We have lots more ideas that we want to implement, and invite
you to dream along with us and together create more
opportunities that will help others take that all-important step
in their lives.

Reminder: In life, Anything’s Possible!



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